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  • Are your dice fair?
    We get this one a lot! Many people believe that we encase our designs in resin in order to produce our dice but this is not true. We use advanced 3D printing technology in order to create each die, design included. This means we can control and balance the die to minimise imperfections and bias. Visit our Youtube video to see more:
  • What can I use your dice for?
    Our dice are perfect for any tabletop game requiring a random number to be generated. Many dice that come with games are made from cheap plastic and don't go through quality assurance for imperfections meaning they will have a bias to a certain result. By swapping them out with one of our dice you can make sure that the result of each dice throw is as random as it can be!
  • Can I mix and match dice?
    Unfortunately, as of right now our production process makes this rather difficult to achieve. That being said we like a good challenge so feel free to enquire what you're looking for and we will see what we can do!
  • I saw your latest series on Kickstarter why aren't they on your website?
    As a way of saying thank you to the wonderful community for supporting us and helping us bring you amazing dice we offer a month of exclusivity to those who pledge to us on Kickstarter. Not only do you get a special discount but you can also get extra freebies by being an early bird! Sign up for our emails or visit for more information.
  • I have an idea for a dice design, can you make it?"
    As of right now we don't take one off designs or orders. If you have ideas for future series that you would like to see feel free to contact us!
  • Where do you ship from?
    All our dice are proudly manufactored and dispatched in Nottingham, UK. We try our best to maintain a timely dispatch and production but due to using external couriers we can only thank you for your patience if items are held up in the post or customs.
  • Can I ship to multiple addresses?
    Due to the production process we are unable to split up an order once it has been placed. We recommend placing separate orders with the intended addresses if you wish to buy dice to be sent to different destinations.
  • What packaging do you use?
    We pride ourselves in being environmentally conscious, that's why we use recyclable and eco-friendly materials when packaging our dice for you.
  • When can I expect my items?
    We aim to dispatch all items within 7 working days of being ordered. Please note that once dispatched it is up to the courier and unfortunately, we cannot do anything to speed up that process. If you ordered via Kickstarter please refer to the campaign FAQ and info, if you are still uncertain please reach out to us. If you have been expecting your items and haven't heard from a courier please contact us so we can investigate and help you obtain your items.
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