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FAQ's: Are 3Dice Biased?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This week, we wanted to address our most FAQ: are 3Dice biased?

Well, the short answer is: no!

And, now, the long answer...

Our dice has been subjected to extensive tests, ensuring, that, even after as many as a thousand rolls - there are no patterns or algorithms.

To confirm this; we're releasing a time lapse which clearly indicates that our dice are, most certainly, fair and just.

Similarly, interested parties tend to assume that our dice sets consist of objects encased in resin. If this was the case, of course, it would mean that each dice had a center-mass, counter-intuitive to its overall weight; resulting in a bias result when thrown or rolled. We understand where this misconception has resulted from, as, we're the first to advocate for our dice's stunning artistry. However, the fact of the matter is that there's no object inside our dice at all! Here at 3Dice, our team use high-end 3D-printing technology to create our amazing designs, that are encased within the resin of our dice. This, of course, means, that, our dice are 100% dead-centred - resulting in a perfectly-balanced, playable product. Nobody wants or deserves an unfair game, and, we vouch for our dice.

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