Sushi: set break-down

Our Sushi dice set really is the catch of every day!
Read on for an in-depth walk-through of each design in the collection...

  • [D00]

  • Yoga Rainbow Roll:

  • A type of uramaki sushi roll filled with cucumber, avocado and crab stick. It is prepared with multiple types of fish, most commonly tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, snapper and eel.

  • [D4]

  • Angry California Roll:

  • A Makizushi Uramaki sushi roll in which vinegared rice (rather than nori, an edible seaweed) forms the outside of the roll, usually encompassing cucumber, crab (or imitation crab), and avocado.

  • [D6]

  • Chilled Sashimi:

  • Translating as "pierced fish", it consists of fresh raw thinly-sliced meat or fish that is served without rice and often eaten with soy sauce. Typically, it contains some type of salmon or tuna, but other popular fillings include mackerel, yellowtail, shrimp, scallops, clams and octopus.

  • [D8]

  • Happy Hand Roll:

  • A large, cylindrical roll, resembling the shape of an ice cream cone. The main ingredient in the preparation is rice, while in some cases rice may not be used.

  • [D10]

  • Prawn Makizushi:

  • What sets it apart from other sushi styles is that in the same roll, you can enjoy many different flavours. There are several types, based not only on the ingredients but also on the roll thickness itself.

  • [D12]

  • Strong Gunkan:

  • “Boat-shaped” cubes of sushi rice wrapped in a tall strip of seaweed to create a bowl that can be filled with a topping. Perfect for nigiri toppings that won't stick to rice on their own, like salmon eggs (ikura nigiri), crab (kani nigiri), sea urchin (uni nigri) or seaweed.

  • [D20]

  • Swimming Nigiri:

  • A thin slice of raw or cooked fish is layered atop a mound of vinegary rice. Typically, a small amount of wasabi is placed between the fish and the rice; though, in some cases, a small strip of toasted seaweed, or nori, may be used instead.

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