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The Foodie: set break-down

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Roll up, roll up, - to our Foodie dice set!
Read on for an in-depth walk-through of each design in the collection...

  • [D00]

  • The Taco:

  • A (usually) fried tortilla that is folded to resemble a semi-circle and 'stuffed' or 'filled with a varied 'mixture' or 'filling'.

  • [D4]

  • The Hot Dog:

  • A heated frankfurter, usually served in a long-split roll, and topped with ketchup, American ('yellow') mustard and fried onions.

  • [D6]

  • The Nuggets:

  • Small, usually rounded, pieces of chicken, battered and deep-fried.

  • [D8]

  • The Burrito:

  • A soft tortilla rolled around a varied 'mixture' or 'filling'.

  • [D10]

  • The Fries:

  • Long, thinly-sliced potato cuboids; deep-fried and salted.

  • [D12]

  • The Burger:

  • A heated 'sandwich', usually consisting of lettuce, tomato, cheese and a burger patty; contained around a split 'bun'.

  • [D20]

  • The Pizza:

  • Flattened, 'rolled-out' bread dough, spread with a savoury (usually tomato) sauce, and added toppings; usually including cheese, meats and/or vegetables.

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